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Johnny Cremains + Seasonal Beast + Renée Coolbrith (solo)


Johnny Cremains might be the most extraordinary musical act based in Portland, ME. The indie-doom rock lounge band has garnered one of the most loyal fanbases a band could have, and the word is starting to get out on what their fans have known for years, that there isn't a single band on the planet that sounds like them. The band has released several albums, all to wide critical acclaim, and their most recent release, Hollywoodland, "is a highly entertaining pastiche of punk, classic 1990s alternative rock, lounge music and just a touch of histrionic prog rock to add to the high drama at play," according to Culture Shock (Emily Burnham). Joining them on the night is NYC based Seasonal Beast. The band is known for its blend of electronic pop, lush cinematic soundscapes, and heavy synth lines, creating a dark and mesmerizing spell. They have won the best emerging artist from Deli Magazine and have been featured by media outlets such as Stereogum, AXS, ohestee, Baeble Music, The Music mMermaid, Yesterdays Nothing, Keep Walking Music, xKira Music, Imperfect Fifth, Killer Pony Tail, and DopeCauseWeSaid to name a short few. Recently, the band released the music video for their single “I can make you disappear,” which was the winning video at the LA Festival of Cinema (2019). Their debut album, Muscle Memory, continues to help put Seasonal Beast on the map as of the most forward thinking and eclectic musical acts on the scene today. Opening up the night is Renée Coolbrith (solo). Renée has established herself as one of the most prolific writers and performers in Maine. Aside from her solo career, she is a regular collaborator with acts such as Spose, Sarah Violette, Johnny Cremains, and Spencer Albee, to name a short few, and co-leads the beloved Portland Indie-pop duo, Pretty Sad. She is currently writing and recording in preperation for her first proper full album solo release. For more information on all the acts on this monster bill, please go to the links below.