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The Samples w/s/g TBA

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"Did ya ever look so nice?" 
Sean Kelly and his long time reggae-infused indie rock project The Samples are a musical institution.  Formed by Kelly in 1987 in Boulder, CO, The Samples became one of the most enduring acts to spring from the fertile independent music scene of the early 90's. The band was a stalwart on Blues Traveler's H.O.R.D.E. Festival, and later held its own on MCA Records with over a million copies of their 19 albums sold.  Fans who came to love the heady mix of childlike glee and melancholy with which Kelly flavored his upbeat songs remain steadfast to this day. Over the years, The Samples have played with the heavyweights, like Phish, Sting and the Allman Brothers, and were instrumental in launching the careers of the Dave Matthews Band, Lisa Loeb and Hootie and the Blowfish - all three opened for The Samples in their early days of national touring. The band's songs still show up to this day, with CNN using Kelly's tune "Carry On" during their 2016 election coverage. And any Gen-Xer worth their salt can sing you the chorus to "Did Ya Ever Look So Nice," their hit song from the 1992 record No Room.  

Sean Kelly & The Samples released their most recent studio record America in 2015, which Denver Westword hailed as the "comeback album of the year." Winning critical acclaim across the music industry, the release brought the genius of Kelly's songwriting and The Samples' unique and joyful sound back into stark relief as a new generation heard their music for the first time. The band toured nationally behind the release, and after a successful show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater, Kelly and The Samples headed back into the studio to work on what will become their as-yet-unnamed 20th album. You'll still find The Samples out on tour, and Kelly often pops up doing solo acoustic shows home and abroad. It's a testament to the enduring songwriting of Sean Kelly that The Samples have had so much staying power over a 30 year span that has seen lots of changes both inside and beyond the music industry.  Stay tuned for what promises to be one of the most ambitious recording efforts of Sean Kelly & The Samples storied career.  For more news on the forthcoming new album, tour schedule, and all things Sean Kelly & The Samples, please visit: