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Truth Virus Records Presents...Revibe & Sassquatch

Revibe is comprised of four people who share a passion for music and happened to be in the right place at the right time (in the form of a chicken wing delivery service). They are often described as a “jam band,” which is accurate given the tendency for exploratory improvisation. To make the assumption that they can be easily compared to any number of prominent groups dubbed with this title, however, is quite misleading. Their genre and style is hard to pin down as it changes show to show and song to song as the band members’ diverse musical tastes and backgrounds, drawn from experiences in both listening and playing, shine through. In addition to their unique approach to musical exploration, they take great care in their composition and carefully craft their material to provide familiar islands in a sea of improvisation. Whether previously sculpted or created in the moment, expect to hear everything from jazz to trance, funk to rock or any fusion of their varied collection of genres. One thing is sure, you’ll always end up dancing.

Dedication to keeping their setlists fresh and always writing new material makes them worth catching when the opportunity arises. Emerging as an upcoming force in the Northeast live music scene, Revibe strives to define the sum of hard work, dedication, and passion for the sonic arts. Still fresh off the release of their debut studio album Stitched In Fiction, the band continues to expand their touring territory to provide their growing fanbase with new material, and will do so as long as inspiration guides the way. The band always celebrates returning to their home base of Burlington, Vermont, where a dedicated and ever-expanding following gathers regularly to help battle the Cratch and celebrate the vibe. But what is the Cratch, you ask? Come to a performance and find out for yourself…


Sassquatch is the missing link between funk, fusion, jazz, soul, rock and pop. With dynamic vocal work, technical guitar proficiency, and rhythmic precision, Sassquatch works diligently to make believers out of their audience. Have you seen Sassquatch?

Formed in 2015, Sassquatch has been performing and writing consistently. With the release of their first EP titled “Sassquatch”, they saw success throughout Maine and found a home at Blue in Portland for their monthly residency. Since the release of their first full-length album “Cryptomusicology”, they have toured New England encouraging people in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York City to “get sassy”! Much like the cryptids that inspire them, they’re music is an amalgam of genres, styles, and new sonic exploration routed in a love for the groove. Sassquatch is dedicated to bringing an energized show of music that not only makes you think, but makes you dance! Tell all your friends that you saw Sassquatch.

“They have achieved that rare perfect balance of danceable grooves, sophisticated musicality, and compelling stage presence." - Richard Nelson, Professor of Music, Jazz and Contemporary Music Program, University of Maine at Augusta

“Having worked with Sassquatch in both live and academic settings, it is apparent that this group is highly prolific and constantly interested in testing out new sounds and material." - Sean Morin, Producer/Lecturer in Music