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Pretty Sad + Cape Cannons + Darkwing (NYC)

Pretty Sad is a five piece indie rock act led by the songwriting duo of Renee Coolbrith and Dustin Saucier.  The band features soaring vocal harmonies and melodies, driven by a wall of guitar sound and rounded out by a harp and horns!  This unique band has quickly established themselves as one of the most promising up and coming artists in the Portland area. Despite being a relatively new band, their sound is the creation of seasoned veterans of the music scene, and it shows.  Joining them on the night is the Brooklyn based Darkwing, who have been busy touring the nation and establishing themselves as one of the best live rock bands in the indie scene today, and Dustin Saucier's "other" band, Cape Cannons, simply one of, if not the best bands in Portland today. 

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